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For gaining a better knowledge of how and why a firm operates, it is necessary to understand what firms exactly are. And what are the reasons for its existence? Though this topic has gained worldwide view, has prepared the panel to provide you one of the best numbers of firms homework help.

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Defining firms

In most simplistic terms, a firm denotes a business organization, like a corporation, company, or partnership. These organizations come into existence to prepare and sell goods and services and procure benefit out of it.

Moreover, most of the firms have one single location, but the firms can also have multiple establishments as long as they come under the same ownership. The word firm depicts that the organization is operating as per the law. And this word is usually interchangeably used with business, corporations, or enterprises, etc.

In the subject economics, the terminology ‘number of firms’ is used in the context of understanding the reason of why firms exist. And the profit-making motive of the firm is directly dependent upon the marketplace. And that is why, these days the differentiation between, firm aiming for long term run and short term run exists.

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Types of firms by ownership

Though all the firms share the similar motive of maximizing their profit, they do differ in the way they operate and in terms of their ownership. With number of firms homework help,you can get a detailed idea of this subject, its facets and how each of these aspects works out.

  1. Sole proprietor

A firm that is termed as a sole proprietorship is owned by only one person. And that is why that one person is liable for all the costs and other expenses. The advantage of such firm is that all the decision making power and the assets belong to that one person,and he can operate without much difficulty.

  1. Partnership firm

This kind of firm belongs to two or more partners. And these partners are liable for all the costs and other obligations. A firm can have “n” number of partners, and there is no restriction that limits the number of partners.

  1. Corporations

This can be owned by an individual or government. And unlike partnership, the owners of any corporations are not liable for all the costs or any lawsuits.

  1. Cooperative

This type of firm is similar to corporations in a way that the owners have limited liability. And their financial liability is separated from that of their personal liability. But it differs in a way that it allows the investors to have a say in how the company operates.

These types of firms can differ in many other ways.To know the same, get our number of firms assignment help now.

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