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However, to deal with this Vocabulary problem, one should be aware of the basic aspects of nouns. Here are the details —

What is anoun?

A noun is basically a part of speech that indicates a person, a place, an animal, thing or idea. In English language, nouns play an important role because every language or sentence has words that are termed as nouns.

To learn English language, one must have knowledge of nouns. This is the most important. Without knowing nouns, you cannot structure a proper and meaningful English sentence. In high schools, students are given English vocabulary assignments where they have to deal with nouns and students facing problems with it often find it difficult to complete their assignments on time.

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What are the types of noun?

Nouns havebeen categorisedinto two types — one is acommonnoun and another is aproper noun. A common noun is basically a word used to denote a place, a person, things, etc. On the other hand, theproper noun is the given name of a person, a thing or a place, for example, New York, Michael, etc.

However, it should be kept in mind that a proper should always start with a capital letter. Here you will get some more examples that will help you understand nouns precisely.

Common noun: Boy, Sailor, mother-in-law, bridge, town, tower, monkey, cat etc.

Proper noun: Sarah, David, Adam, Eiffel tower, sunny, Bonzo etc.

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How noun functions?

Nouns perform several functions and to use nouns effectively; it is important that one should its types and basic functions. However, it is impossible to note down to list them all. Our nouns assignment help experts will help you to learn the basic aspects of it so that you don’t face difficulty while constructing a sentence with nouns. Nouns are subjects. In every sentence noun is required because it isnoun that tells us what the sentence is about.

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