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Realism and philosophy

Realism can be viewed from different perspectives. Realism is defined differently in different subjects. In philosophy, it is defined as a view about something that actually exists in reality and its existence is completely independent of your or mine or anyone’s conceptual understanding or scheme.

This existence of any object is completely independent of anyone’s perceptions, beliefs, and practices. The only parameter for realism is its existence in reality.

Realism and its applications

Realism as way of thinking can be applied to a number of interesting and complex objects and phenomena like our own minds, the future, the past, moral categories, thoughts, the physical world and so on and so forth.

In fact, realism is needed in mathematics too. The presence of natural numbers, rational and irrational numbers owe their applications to the concept of realism.

The views of realism

For realists, realism is a way of life. They are a firm believer of the fact that the world exists as it is independent of the way as we perceive it to exist. That is, the world exists irrespective of our thinking or thought processes.

This view is in stark contrast to anti-realistic views like say scepticism or solipsism. These ideologies believe that our way of thinking influences the way the world exists around us, that is, the existence of the world is not independent of our mind.

It is often observed that realists then to believe that whatsoever is our belief now approximates reality. However, they also believe that the accuracy of this along with its understanding can be improved.

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