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If you consider religion then you will realise that justification has always been an integral component of Christianity.

Justification and religion

In Christianity, justification is seen as an act of God, which is used to remove the guilt and punishment of sin. However, in the same time, justification is believed by Christians as an act of God that is used to declare a sinner righteous through the atoning sacrifices of Jesus Christ.

If you delved deeper into the topic then you will realise that justification has been a point of difference and debate between the different sub divisions of Christianity, namely Catholics and Protestants.

Human psychology always wants justification

We as humans want justification, primarily for ourselves. It is a very basic desire amongst humans. You might have observed that even you desire justification. This is where justification and its need arise. It is a universal phenomenon of human mind.

If you are wondering as to why humans need justification, then the answer is pretty simple. Humans by nature are very vindictive. Humans always have a want or a desire to be proven right and then derive a feel good feeling out of it.

Justification and its implications

Justification is often viewed by some as a process that keeps any feud going for years on end because all the warring parties have an inherent desire to prove themselves right. This arises from a need or a desire to prove themselves in front of their own eyes and in front of others.

All the concerning parties keep on coming up with arguments to prove their story as a the truth- this is not only the case in families but also in churches and other places of interests that have conflicting interests.

Justification and its nature

The thing about justification and its need is that it is open to interpretation to one and all. Which basically means that any justification that appears to be decisive and logical to you might appear to be utterly ridiculous to someone else. Hence, you can see justification as a human mental phenomenon that invokes a polarity of emotions.

The need for justification homework help

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