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Natural resource management is the management study of natural resource like land, forest, soil, water plant and animal and how, the activities affected the quality of their present and future life. It deals with the topic viz. land use planning, water management, biodiversity conservation, and the future existence of industries which based on nature such as forestry, agriculture, mining, tourism and fishery. So students, if you want to get a vast knowledge about this enormous subject and find difficulties for doing homework, you can get in touch with for an instant natural resource management homework help.


Natural resource management study can be divided on the basis of kind and right of the owners.

  • State property is the natural resources which is owned and controlled by the state. A state has all rights over uses of its property. National forest, national parks and military reservations are some examples.
  • Private property is any property whose ownership is held by any individual or private corporation.They mainly include private land, buildings, vehicles, etc.
  • Common property refers to the ones which are private, but owned by a public group. E.g.rightful properties of indigenous village neighbors, community forests, etc. Such properties may vary in nature, size and other interior factors.
  • Non-property is economic entity not owned by anybody. Everybody in a specific region has equal rights on it. For example, lake fisheries, common lands, apartment terraces, etc.
  • Apart from all these, properties can also be hybrid which is a mixture of more than one such class.E.g.indigenous vegetation in NSW, Australia which are public properties grown mostly on private lands.

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  • This subject teaches us that the people and their livelihood of a particular place depend on the quality and productivity of their landscapes. It plays a vital role in maintaining this quality and productivity of the landscapes.
  • Natural resource management specifically focuses on a scientific and technical know how of natural resources and ecology and the life supporting capacity of those resources and how they can be maintained and increased. Hence, it is beneficial for the livelihood as well as the economy of a country.

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