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Applications of the Nash Equilibrium Homework Answers 

In the world of Game Theory, the Nash Equilibrium Homework Answers holds an important place due to its various applications. It was formulated by a renowned mathematician by the name of John Forbes Nash Jr. It is used extensively in various fields like that of science, mathematics, sociology and other subjects.

Simplifying the Nash Equilibrium Assignment Answers  

To get a better understanding of how the Nash Equilibrium Homework Answers works let us take an example.

Suppose there are two players in a game, Chris and Emma. Any decision that Chris takes in spite of knowing the decision of his opponent Emma provided her decision remains constant. And any decision that Emma takes even after knowing the decision of Chris, provided his decision remains constant. This situation represents the Nash Equilibrium Homework Answers. It is a solution to a non-cooperative situation between individuals, institutions or different bodies.

One of the most popular ways to understand the topic is the Prisoner’s Dilemma. In that case there are two prisoners in different cells charged with the murder of a man. If both of them confesses to have committed the crime then they get sentenced to 10 years in prison. If one of them confesses then he gets his freedom while the other is sentenced to prison. And if both of them refuse to say anything then they will have to do a shorter time in prison for a lesser charge. Given the fundamentals of the Nash Equilibrium Assignment Answers the prisoners will most likely choose the last option of being charged for a lesser crime and a shorter sentence.

Application of the Nash Equilibrium Homework Answers 

The Nash Equilibrium Homework Answers has been applied in a number of situations like:

  • Studying the outcome in a war or arms race.
  • Analysing the behaviour of individuals in repetitive communication bids.
  • Observing the impact of individuals from different background, race, gender and other such factors when in a similar situation.
  • Implementing this theory in auctions and bids to get the most out of the bidders for our gain.
  • Understanding the behaviour of consumers when it comes to trends initiated by companies.
  • Studying the impact and behaviour in any situation where there are multiple parties involved.

Applicable circumstances for the Nash Equilibrium Homework Answers

Taking the previously explained example of the two game players, we are going to explain the circumstances necessary for the Nash Equilibrium Homework Answers to take place. They are:

  • The players are trying their best to get the most out of their games.
  • They are rational and are choosing the best decision for themselves.
  • The players are aware of the planned strategy of the other players.

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