Nanotechnology Homework Answers

Nanotechnology Homework Answers

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Nanotechnology, could be complicated. You need the right information as fundamentals as Nanotechnology homework answers.

What does the term Nanotechnology mean?

Nanotechnology is the altering of atoms, molecules and then supramolecular scales. There is a new term “molecular nanotechnology” recently coined, meaning changing atoms and molecules of a macroscale level in a precise fashion.

The term Nanotechnology includes a wide range of subjects like molecular biology, semiconductors, surface science, organic chemistry, molecular engineering and many more. The applicability in research is also very broad.

Certain areas of physics like Nano electronics, Nano mechanics, nanoionics, and Nano photonics are emerging as new fundamental basics of nanotechnology.

Technical details:

By scale measurement, one nanometer or nm is 10-9 (one billionth) of a meter. If defined by bond, the spacing between these molecules or atoms are in the range of 0.12 – 0.15 nm. So, try to compare by an example, like a DNA double-helix is about 2 nm in diameter, the cell size of a bacteria could be about 150-200 nm in length. So just imagine the range of details nanotechnology can reveal to you.

Nanotechnology is described and defined by the National Nanotechnology Initiative, as they describe a Nano product, it should be within the size of 1-100 nanometers.

Applications of Nanotechnology:

Applications of nanotechnology ranges from clothing, packaging of food, disinfectant, appliances, cosmetics and even furniture products. The applications are extended to tennis and golf balls, bowling balls, bandages, trousers and socks, even in personal computers, video games. Nanotechnology now-days are getting extended to medical services and even cars.

Implications of Nanotechnology:

There is a big concern for the use of nanotechnology. The concern is health effect on human and environment. This has given rise to a new field of research of Nano toxicology. Because of these implications, nanotechnology researches are being regulated by government to some extent and have resulted in regulatory agencies.

These are the basics concepts that you need as Nanotechnology assignment answers. If you clear these fundamentals, the core subject will be easier to grasp.

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