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The idea of nanoengineering:

Nanoengineering is kind of practicing engineering on Nano scale. The word “Nano “comes from the word of nanometre that is actually a unit of measurement. Nanoengineering indicates nanotechnology, but it emphasises on engineering, not on scientific aspect. It is an application of nanotechnology that is a kind of collective term for some new technologies which engage the manipulation of a matter at little scale, generally 0.2-100 nanometres.

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Importance of nanoengineering:

Nanoengineering is recognised in Australia and it spreads it range widely. It helps to develop industries and leaves an impact on the society. In this new field of engineering, government has supported people in many ways. Their supports include national research network, R&D Funding and industrial workforces.

This engineering will leave its impacts on all important sectors of engineering from medicine and health, agriculture and food, consumer goods to telecommunication, technology, energy and environment. Pupils have to make their homework on this matter and they have to present different importance facts in their assignments with Nanoengineering Homework Help guidance.

Main viewpoints of Nanoengineering:

  • It is engineering at molecular supramolecular and atomic levels. It helps manipulating and processing matter at small scale. At this level, materials exhibit behaviour and properties that is different from traditional bulk materials.
  • It introduces us new functions and new things which are not done previously. Nanotechnology offers new inventions and discoveries.
  • It is a latest technique, process and technology at nanoscale. It does not have any “killer” application.

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