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The device that is used for measuring resistance, current and voltage is called multimeter. There are two types of multimeter, one is the analog multimeter and the other is the digital multimeter. The type of the multimeter depends on the type of circuit that is being used. These devices are used to measure current, resistance and voltage.

There are two different types of multimeter- digital multimeter and analog multimeter. They type depends on the circuit used in the different types of multimeterโ€™s. These devices detect faults and also measure the current, voltage or resistances and this measurement is extremely accurate. This is a device that is very popular among electricians because they help in troubleshooting various electrical programs.

Multimeterโ€™s help you to measure direct current, decibels, duty cycle, frequency, inductance, conductance, alternating current, direct voltage, direct current etc.

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Things to keep in mind when buying a multimeter

When you are buying a multimeter, it is always better to buy the one that has an LCD display. It is also better to buy an auto-ranging multimeter that has the capability to detect multiple voltages. Digital multimeters are more accurate as compared to the analog ones.

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Importance of a multimeter

Professional electronic technicians cannot work without these multimeters.ย  The world that we live in is driven by technology and understanding the working of electronic circuits is extremely important to repair the various electronic items. The biggest advantage of this device is its accuracy.

There are three different kinds of tools combined to form the multimeter. There is a voltmeter present in it that helps in measuring the voltage levels in the electronic circuits. There is also an ammeter present in this device that records the readings of current. There is another device called ohmmeter present in this device that helps in troubleshooting circuits that are broken and also checks continuity of electronic flows.

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