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About multifactor models:

Multifactor models are widely referred to in the financial world that comprises of multiple factors to explain the market and/ or equilibrium asset prices. It is the financial model that explains individual or portfolio of securities. The model compares two or more factors to assess the relationship between resulting performance and variables.

With multifactor models assignment help, you can understand the uses of the such a model. It is widely used to create portfolios that comprises of certain risks. However, it is difficult to ascertain which factors to include under this model and how many should be included as well. Its reliance on historical data again doesn’t help either.

What are the types under multifactor model?

Multifactor model comprises of three types of models. They are macroeconomic, statistical and fundamental models. Under macroeconomic model, the factors such as employment, rate and inflation are considered against investment returns. For fundamental models, the relationship between returns and its financials like earnings are explored.  And lastly, statistical models are in use to compare different returns from securities on the basis of statistical performance.

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How are calculations based on the model carried out?

The multifactor model comprises of a formula which makes calculations easier. The formula is based upon n number of factors. According to multifactor model,

Returns on security= Expected return + Beta x market return for factor 1+…. For n number of factors+ error term X intercept

It is with the help of this formula that much of the calculations are carried out.

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