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For a layman motivation may be all about reasons for acting towards a particular situation. It is a neuroscience that consists of several psychological theories. Rational motivations and incentive theories are talked about. Ask a student about the lesson plan on motivation and they will give you every reason as why they find the chapter tough. The lesson comprises of various assignments, case studies, dissertations to ponder on. A helping hand from us at thus becomes evident.

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The chapter of Motivation

Motivation is the reason for every action, desires and needs of people. It is a driving force that brings the changes in the behavioural pattern. There are theories attached to the study of Motivation. Be it the Freud, Maslow or Herzberg law of motivation; a student learns every aspect of the theory in detail. Under this lesson plan, a pupil leans the types of theories and models based on it such as the Natural vs rational theory, content vs process theory.

Assignment topics that a student can expect

A student must be prepared to get assignments on the following topics like

  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Behaviourist theories on classical and operant conditioning, motivating operations, motivation and psychotherapy.
  • Content theories comprising of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Herzberg’s two-factor theory, Alderfer’s ERG theory, Self-determination theory
  • Models of behaviour change
  • Thematic apperception test and many more such assignments

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The temperament of motivation assignments is vigorous. The assignment completion is a must as it affects the grading system. The task requires time devotion, dedication and attention to complete the task. The motivation topic makes students puzzled. Especially if students are on the part-time job, devoting time becomes all most impossible.

The present-day generation, collegians have many other activities to perform and be associated with, be it participating in drama, sports, debates, presentations, and a student is totally engrossed in all such tasks. Besides to complete the task, a student requires writing down notes, ransacking the library, time-management is found to be zero. But on the contrary, with online experts help, the tasks can be completed with ease.

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