Details of Mosaic Plot: Understand from the Core Level

Definition of mosaic plot:

A mosaic plot is a graphical method which may allow you to understand the bonding between two or more flexible categories. In other words, mosaic plots are the graphical portrayal ofContingency Table or frequency table of two-way.

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Properties of mosaic plot:

Some common traits are there in case of mosaic plots and these things need detailed studying. These major properties incorporate:

  • The variables are of ordinal scales.
  • Two variables are mandatory for a plot.
  • Counts of observations are limited.

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Examples of mosaic plot:

If you want to get an access to mosaic plot Homework Help, you must have to take a grip over its examples. There is a well-known example which is the data of the passengers of Titanic. There are three variables including:

  • The gender of the passengers.
  • The classes.
  • Persons surviving or sinking.

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