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Monetary policy is a macroeconomic policy that has been laid down by Central Bank. This policy deals with various ways of interest rate management as well as supply of money. It is a demand side economic policy that is normally used by government of a country to achieve various macro-economic objectives that include consumption, inflation, liquidity and growth.

Three tools used by Federal reserves

As per the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the US central bank was provided with the authority of formulating the US monetary policy. There are three tools that Federal Reserve uses-discount rate, reserve requirements and open market operations.

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What is federal fund rate?

The three tools that are used by Federal Reserve are combined together in order to find out both the demand and the supply of the money balances. These money balances that are there in Federal Reserve banks are held by depositary institutions like commercial banks. In most cases banks borrow money from one another in order to cater to customer demands.

There is an interest that is charged by the lending bank and this is known as Federal Fund rate. Based on the monetary policy of Federal bank the loaned amount is normally deposited into Federal Reserve.

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What is an open market operation?

Buying and selling of securities issued by government is known as Open Market operations by Federal Reserve. It is the main method where various monetary policies are formulated. The short-term goal of open market operation is to get a reserve that is there with central bank and then get the price of the money with the help of federal fund rate.

What is unconventional monetary policy?

Unconventional monetary policy has become quite popular these days. This policy includes purchase of financial assets from various commercial banks along with quantitative easing. When there is quantitative easing then price of securities goes up and the yields go down. The money supply also increases.

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