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Molecules are of utmost importance in chemistry as all details of chemistry are based upon their study on molecules. Molecules are the smallest possible constituent ofa substance which can exhibit all known chemical properties of the same. Molecules are of two types viz. simple and compound. Pure elements likeoxygen, hydrogen, mercury, etc. consists of simple molecule, whereas those ofchemical compounds like salts, acids, alkalis, etc. are compound ones.

There are broader classifications of molecules based on other details and these divisions are often tricky and overlapping with each other. These introductory parts are also covered in our Molecular models assignment help.


Visualizing the reality is very important in study of any subject. Same is the case with chemistry. Visualizing molecules and compound structures involved in chemical studies. This is the reason whymathematical as well as graphical models of molecules are provided.Questions regarding the mathematics and science behind this are common in assignments. You can get full information on these theoriesfrom our Molecular models homework help.

Some of the important classical and quantum theories that helped in creating molecular models are:

  1. Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory(VSEPR)
  2. Valence Bond Theory(VBT)
  • Hybridization Theory
  1. Molecular Orbital Theory(MOT)

To understand each and every one of these theoriesrequires in depth analysis of them which are quite different from each other. Students require Molecular models assignment help from

Making models

Building chemical models starts by drawing structures of compounds on paper. They make two dimensional modelsand also some simple three dimensional ones using perspectives, wedges, etc. However, better three dimensional models can be created by using balls and sticks, which are quite common in chemistry exhibitions. Computer graphics and 3D modeling software are useful in these cases. Ourexperts are accustomed with these modeling systems and they can demonstrate much online to provide students with Molecular models homework help.

Models of molecules are very useful in explaining lots of chemical phenomena. Some of them are not enough sufficient to explain everything, so the advent of others were necessary. The quantum M.O. model is the most efficient explanation still date and it is widely used in modern chemistry. So questions from this part are more abundant. But do not fear as long as the expert team of is there for you.

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