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Mining and geological engineering- What is it?

The field of mining and geological engineering mainly concerns with exploration and discovery of mineral deposits. It also involves the study of different processes of extracting these minerals. Once extracted, these minerals are converted into useful metals or other refined products. Mining engineers have the responsibility of economical, environmentally sound and safe operation of metal, mineral and coal mines. A subspecialty of this field s petroleum engineering, which deals with discover and economic recovery of oil.

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The activities of a mining and geological engineer

A mining and geological engineer is mainly responsible for designing mines. The mines are designed such that the minerals like metals and coals can be safely and efficiently removed. The minerals are used for manufacturing and utilities purpose. Generally mining engineers work in remote locations where mining operations take place. Students aspiring to be a mining engineer can always use some academic assistance. We, at provide just that with mining and geological engineering assignment help.

Some typical activities of mining and geological engineer include:

  • Designing open pit ground mines
  • Supervising tunnel and mine shaft construction in underground operations
  • Preparing technical reports of engineer, managers and miners
  • Devising methods to transport minerals to processing plant
  • Monitoring production rates for assessing operation effectiveness
  • Ensuring environmentally sound and safe operation in mines
  • Providing solutions to problems on sustainability, land reclamation and air and water pollution

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