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Sometimes, in economy, situation of market failure occurs when market system can’t allow resources effortlessly. Consequently, government interferes for the sake of improving such market failures. Minimum price or price floor means when the government legally adjusts a minimum price for any goods and services.

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What are minimum prices?

Price floor or minimum prices are determined by the government to restrict price level to a certain point. For the effectiveness of minimum price, the level of price should be set higher than the equilibrium price.

The main goal of our government is to keep the sale of some commodities and services in an unfair market with a very low price. You can study more about it in our portal minimum prices assignment help for your preparation.

The significance of minimum prices or price floor:

Minimum prices have an impact on economy on a market with its theory and its application

  1. It is used mainly to increase the income level of the producers of commodities and services which are necessary like agricultural products.
  2. As prices are always prone to large fluctuations because of foreign competition, it is useful to use price floor action.
  3. It protects the labors by setting the minimum wage for assuring their comfortable existence.

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You can see minimum prices are set by the government can help the production and market stability and the well-being protection of production house and employees. Price floors are also handled in agriculture for the protection of farmers. Cigarettes, alcohol, minimum wage for the labors also are faced the minimum prices

The loopholes of minimum prices:

Some of the drawbacks are present that helps you like

  1. The imports are organized with higher tariffs.
  2. It raises the opportunity of over-supply of foods which are inefficient.
  3. It causes dead weight wale fare loss which means the loss of consumer and producer surplus.

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