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Macroeconomic policy comprises of some rules and regulations which are directed at controlling the aggregate indicators in an economy, the indicators being money supply, national income, growth rate, inflation rate, unemployment rate and others. The rightly framed policies can massively contribute to a countries development and is paramount for the efficient functioning of an economy.

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Two main macroeconomic policies:

The two primary macroeconomic policies are the monetary policy and fiscal policy. They both aim to improve economic welfare. Fiscal policies regulate government earnings and expenditures. It cuts down on certain expenses like military expenses or infrastructural expenses when needed. Tax is the main source for increasing the Governments earnings.

Monetary policy, on the other hand, regulates the flow of cash and controls the activities of the bank by influencing the credit creation, bank rate and reserve ratios. By affecting these parameters, monetary policies can affect the cash flow in an economy.

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Objectives of microeconomic policies:

Macroeconomic policies have various objectives which they rightly fulfill to bring about growth and expansion of the economy. Our microeconomic policy assignment help shall state the objectives briefly here:

  • To ascertain a stable and constant growth of the economy
  • To bring about full employment, that is, an ideal situation where all workers willing to work have got a job
  • To curb inflation but also to allow a healthy consistent rise in prices (about 2% per year) to encourage the producers
  • To establish a balance of payment with the world
  • To bring about an equal distribution of income and to reduce income inequalities, this is a problem that plagues all developing countries.

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