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Mexico has a very interesting but complex culture. The first inhabitants went to Mexico about ten thousand years ago and went through the pathway of an actual civilization. Later, when Spanish people came to Mexico, the Spanish culture got mixed with the native culture which was also known as Mesoamerican culture. The Mexican culture went through a big cross road of the culture during this 300 years of Spanish rule. Slowly Mexico became home for people from other parts of Europe, Africa and even Asia.

The DNA of Mexican culture is in family, religion, social classes and gender. But in modern times European and American culture highly influences the city millennial generation.

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Literatures of Mexico:

The current Mexican literature comes from its old indigenous culture of Mesoamerica. One of the well-known poets are Netzahualcoyoti. Later Mexican literature was highly influenced by the Spanish colonization.This gave to birth to some world-famous writers including Juan Ruiz de Alarcon.

Language of Mexico:

Spanish is spoken the most in Mexico among all other countries in the world. Still Spanish is spoken as most spoken language in Mexico.Although several other Amerindian languages are the official national language of Mexico.Among the Mexican population, 6% talk in Spanish. Although a lot of Mexican words are commonly used in English.


Mesoamerican Architecture has three periods: Pre-Classic, Classic, and Post-Classic. Mexico has currently the most number of UNESCO heritage sites.


Mexican cinema starts at the start of the 20thcentury; they mostly documented the Mexican revolution. The golden age for Mexican films were between 1935 and 1959.


One of the most important part of Mexican culture is Mexican food. Some famous dishes are: Taco, Burrito, Atole, Pozole and many more. These dishes are well known throughout the world and are used in different parts of the world according to their own taste bud.

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