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As you want to know about the cellular respiration, it can be depicted as follows:

  • It is a set of some metabolic reactions and different processes
  • These processes and reactions take place in the cells of various organisms.
  • The biochemical energy is then converted from the nutrients to the ATP or adenosine triphosphate.
  • The main reactions involved in respiration are called catabolic reactions.
  • At the end, it releases all its waste products.

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The common nutrients are:

  • The most common types used by both plants and animal cells during respiration are amino acids, fatty acids and sugar.
  • The molecular oxygen is the most popular and known oxidizing agent.
  • All the chemical energy that is stored in ATP may be used by other processes that require the energy which includes locomotion or transportation of different molecules and biosynthesis.

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Let us discuss about aerobic respiration:

  • It needs oxygen while creating ATP.
  • Fats, proteins and carbohydrates are taken as reactants.
  • It is actually the most desired method breaking down the pyruvate in glycolysis.
  • It requires the pyruvate to get into the mitochondria in order to get fully oxidized.
  • The main product of this particular process is water and carbon dioxide.
  • The resultant energy is then transferred to break the powerful bonds in ADP.

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