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What is meta-analysis?

It is also a statistical tool that helps to make combine data analysis from several studies. When a common effect is found consistently in different studies for a specific application, then meta-analysis helps to recognize that common effect. If the result varies for several studies then the method helps to know the reason of variation.

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Benefits of learning the subject

As we know that higher studies and research is required for every aspect of life and society. This kind of study contains lots of thesis, hypothetical assumptions and theories. Hence, accumulation of lots of information and data verification is required. Especially for biology, as it has different branches, divisions and sub-divisions. It also has multiple species, their properties and evolutionary changes.

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Moreover it is the most rational way for dealing with several practical problems in research work. It also plays a vital role in publication for publishing any research review through the process of meta-analysis.

Requirement for assistance

Why you required special assistance or help to learn about meta-analysis? It is a very big question, and the answer is very simple. That everything is not included in your syllabus. Meta-analysis is a technique or tool that makes your study, your research work your multiple data examination easier.

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