Medium of Exchange in Finance

The medium of exchange is an intermediary that is used in trade to avoid any kind of inconvenience of a barter system. A medium of exchange is something that both the buyer and seller exchange for their benefit.  In today’s economy, money serves as several different functions to the people.

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Finance is the study of how a large amount of money is managed by an individual, especially by the government or by large firms. That one word that can replace finance is “exchange”. It is an exchange of available resources but it is not only restricted to exchange and management of money. It can be described as an art of managing various resources like assets, money, investments, securities, etc.

Finance is divided into three sub fields –

  • Personal finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Public finance

Features of finance

  • Future decision-making–The finance of a company is concerned with the good decision making of a company.
  • Investment opportunities– Investments are done for profit or returns and investment opportunities are commitments of resources related to money with an expectation of economic return in the future.
  • Profitable opportunities– This is a very important goal in finance since this signifies that the company should utilise all its monetary resources efficiently.
  • System of internal controls – These are set of rules and regulations that are framed at the inception stage and are altered as per requirement.
  • Optimal mix of funds – There are basically two types of funds, namely, owned funds and borrowed funds. The composition of these funds should be in such that the company suffers from no loss of profits.

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