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Chemistry is basically the study of properties, composition or structure of matter along with the chemical and physical modifications undergone by matter. This applies to all aspects of life like food, clothes, gas, drugs and many more. Anything occupying a mass is matter. So you need to learn chemistry as it is the central science.

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States of Matter

  1. 1. Gas

This has indefinite shape and volume. The molecules are distant from each other & can move with rapid speed.

  1. Liquid

This has indefinite shape but definite volume. The molecules are bonded close to one another, but can move still pretty fast less than gas.

  1. Solids

This has definite shape and volume. The molecules are closely bonded and comparatively rigid.

Classification of Matter

Matter can also be classified as either a mixture or a pure substance. Mixtures may be homogeneous or heterogeneous by nature. Pure substances are either elements or compounds.

  • Pure Substances is not separable into component parts with any physical methods it is made of only a particular type of molecule.

Pure Substances can be, a) Elements having only one type of atom

                        Examples- Gold (Au), Oxygen (O2), Silicon (Si), Diamond (C)

  1. b) Compounds having more than one type of atom

Examples -Compounds of Ethanol (C2H6O), Water (H2O),), Quartz (SiO2)

  • Mixtures on the other hand have variable composition and are separable into component parts with physical methods. More than one type of molecules is present in mixtures.

Mixtures can be

  1. a) Homogeneous – Here the composition and properties are uniform

Homogeneous mixtures are also known as solutions. You may think of liquids when your hear about solution, but factually solutions can exist as solids, liquids and gases. For example

Air consists of principle components like O2, N2 & CO2

Vodka consists of principle components ethanol and water

Brass consists of solid solution of Cu and Zn

Ruby consists of solid solution of Al2O3 and Cr2O3

  1. b) Heterogeneous –Here the composition and properties are non-uniform

Examples include Chocolate chip cookie, Concrete, Wood, Rocks

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Chemists can measure properties of matter and convert this measurement to quantities. A quantity is defined as amount of something and has a number and a unit. The number will denote how many or how much whereas the unit will signify the scale of measurement used.

Usually in scientific fields measurements are reported as SI units or metric system.

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