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What is the Meaning of Management of Earnings?
Earnings Management refers to the fudged management of the earnings or income of an individual or a corporation. It is the managing of manipulating the financial earnings through direct or indirect methods of accounting. This generally happens when a company has volatile earnings or is in the habit of being unable to satisfy the expectations of investors.

This type of management of finances is fraudulent and is regarded as misleading. Although these alterations may be done in accordance with the laws and standards of accounting, they can be contrary to the laws and standards that they were trying to lay down in the first place. This process is used by companies in order to satisfy the projections of earnings of stock analysts and make earning fluctuations smoother. You will be able to acquire all the Meaning of Management of Earnings Assignment Help services at which can assist you in completing your homework.

What is its necessity?
The management of earnings is necessary to make a smooth picture of the earnings of a company emerge in sight. The managements of companies feel the need to do this out of pressure and do this to prepare a financial report which can satisfy the expectations of a company. This helps in retaining the interests of investors and keeps the stock prices of companies up.

However, if this type of management is done in an excessive manner, fines may be imposed by the SEC as a penalty. However, investors can still find it tough to detect the falsifications on the part of companies. For a management of earnings project to be done in a proper manner, it is important to get expert Meaning of Management of Earnings Homework Help and clear all the small and big concepts related to the topic – which is what we provide at

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