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As Financing students must be aware, Capital Structure is an integral part of Financial Management. Our Meaning of Capital Structure Assignment Help team attempts to make it easier to understand.

The Meaning of Capital Structure:
The Capital Structure of a Firm is how the firm manages its overall growth and operations making use of the funds available from various sources. It is the ratio between different securities raised as long-term finance by the firm. The Capital Structure is largely made of the firm’s long-term debts, specific short term debts and common and preferred equities. Debts comprise of bond issues or long-term notes payable. Short-term debts like Working Capital requirements also form a part of Capital Structure. Equities are made of common stock, preferred stock or retained earnings. A business firm’s Capital Structure is the right side of its Balance Sheet.

Flexibility of financial plan, Capital Market condition, Cost of financing, Period of financing, Stability of sales, Size of the company are some of the factors determining the Capital Structure of a Company.

Why is Capital Structure Important?

  • It helps to reduce the overall risk faced by the company.
  • It allows the firm to adjust according to the business environment.
  • Helps to generate ideas about new fund sources.
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