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A Short Note on Accounts Receivables:
Accounts Receivables of a company refers to the money due from the customers to whom a sale of a good has been made or a service has been provided, but the payment is yet to be taken. The receivables are usually due within a short-period of time which can be from a few days to a year. A particular sale of a good or service is treated as an accounts receivable after an invoice has been sent to the customer. On a company’s Balance sheet, an accounts receivable is generally treated as a current asset. Most companies allow a part of their sales to be on credit. These kinds of sales are particularly made to regular customers, who receive invoices periodically. The Credit limits of a company may be reduced during critical financial periods when the company cannot afford to incur bad debts.

Accounts Receivables and Allowance for doubtful accounts are commonly paired together. The combined balances of these two accounts represent the net carrying value of the accounts receivable.

A company may use its Accounts Receivable as collateral for loan or might sell it to a factor in return for immediate cash.
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