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Mathematics Homework- 7 Ways to Cope With Math Phobia

By Michelle Johnson
22 Aug, 2016
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Why do students afraid of math problems? Students cannot get relax and sit calm with math homework. This is then resulting in developing anxiety and dreadfulness. Parents are unable to handle this situation and cannot take control on children’s math phobia. What to do now?
At times, this math phobia cannot aidstudents to apply the simplest of the simple concepts. The reinforcement of ideas gets afreeze and students become de-motivated and scary. It thus becomes so much difficult to do any assigning work, and the study at home goes to the drainage.
“Mathematics is a challenge to cope with, not a phobia that you have to afraid of.”
If students take the subject lightly and deal with the problems, then this becomes easy to solve. Let you know some the facts and ways that surely help to cope with math phobia and make changes in your present study structure.

  1. Regular practice:

You need to implement daily practicing of math questions. This will make you familiar and make you understand the process of solving it. Instead of solving four to five problems, put thefocus on a single problem more than once and try to brief and discuss its method with your students.

  1. Solve with more than one method:

Math problems can be solved and practiced with more than one method. If you are able to deal with these solving techniques, then you can choose the one which takes less time and makes you understand the process easily.
It will be far better to solve one question with more than one method than solving five problems in one way.This will also help you in gaining the potential to acquire good skills with time.

  1. Clarify your mistakes:

You are aware of errors that unintentionally you have made. Students should divert the mind towards that point to correlate the mistakes with the fact. This clarification keeps you awake and avoids students to stay away from any further errors.

  1. Cross-check with answers:

In schools and colleges, you get math homework and mostly this is related to your syllabus. You must put efforts and appreciate yourself to approach the task with positivity.
Solve the problems with great zeal and do cross-check with your textbook if answers are available. The other way is to take a review of the questions after finishing it. This will also serve students in checking any error and protect yours from theanxiety of applying wrong solving methods.

  1. Motivate yourself:

“You are the only person who is responsible for your own happiness.”
Students should motivate and encourage themselves to bring concentration and focus back on to the work. Never think about thequantity of questions you have to solve. You need to take it easy and think about your way of delivering it.
Remember, if you are able tosolve four out of five or three out of five questions correctly, then it has more value than solving all in a wrong way.

  1. Make it a habit:

“To solve the problem becomes easy when you face the problems.”
If you always try to escape from math questions and think it as someone who is going to kill you, then you are in the bottommost position of your thoughts.
Students should know that problems get only solved when you deal with it. So try to make it as ahabit and do math regularly whether you have homework or not.

  1. Bring positive sense:

You are mature enough to take thinks in a positive way. If you remain negative and make you subject weak day by day, then this will surely hamper your potential to do better.
Always think and do positive. This will help you in furnishing your future and keep the mind fresh and active.
Fear is just a state of mind. You have to work on yourself and develop strategies to improve the potential to face difficulties of thedifferent subject as well as in your livelihood. These steps will surely bring great success in anyone’s life and also encourages you to do more. What strategies will you make? Do you have an idea?
Strategies to cope with math phobia:
Anxiety is one of those kinds of problem which is difficult to go away, but the fact is that we are the creator. If you have created something harmful, then you should take steps to destroy it. Parents and teachers help you in figuring out the weak points that alwaysmake you depress and dispirited. You should believe your inner sense and take your step forward to kill the anxiety within yourself so that this will not hamper anyone’s dream in the near future.
If you still facing problems with making some strategic plans to diminish your fear, then needy students should follow the below steps that will help you for the same.

  • Encourage creative approach
  • Mix math problems and solve
  • Take mock test weekly
  • Take math problems as a challenge
  • Brainstorm yourself
  • Make a list of mistakes and errors
  • Note down your strength

Everyone wishes to acquire good grades in the exams, but thedifficulty in solving the problems make it hard to bring out the best of you.

  • Encourage creative approach:

“No one is weak, and no one is talented more than you.”
Students should think different and work on the creative approach to acquiring abetter understanding of the problem-solving methods and concepts.

  • Note down your strength:

You are capable of making a list of your own mistakes and positives in solving different questions. If you are having some difficulties, then you should take help from friends, teachers and parents. It is better to work on the weak point and develop into a stronger part so that next time it becomes easy whenever you attempt.
Noting down your strength also helps in creating your strategy that will helpwith the preparation for exams. Students can make ways to solve different questions that come under his strength and attempt other questions later.
Why mathematics?
Mathematics is the study of topics that helps in determining thequantity, space and change. You will find math as a core of every learning because math teaches everyone how to calculate.
Whether you prefer English or Biology, you have to meet with math. Although everyone deals with math from wherever they are, students think math should be banned in schools and colleges. You should know that mathematics resolve the truth and provide evidence of theories related to science. The use of logics helps in developing several devices.
Final note:
You should take mathematics as easy as possible to cope with math phobia. If you are facing problems with time and solving every question, then you can seek help from tutors. This helps in preparing the homework ready for submission, and you are also able to practice math with great zeal with enough time. You can share with friends and others on social media sites to help each and everyone in need.
Many students take help from online academies to do homework on time and create some space to practice. This will surely be beneficial for every student to secure their future in a different way.

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