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Parents Must Read: What Experts Are Saying About Student’s Excuses for Homework?

by Aug 22, 2016Homework Help

Today you can see every single child is making excuses to avoid their homework. This has become a stressful situation for many parents. There are parents who are seeking experts help for solving this problem let’s see what experts says about this situation.
According to experts now a day children are in huge pressure of studies. You can’t even imagine what they are going through this is why they try their best to avoid this pressure they are avoiding their homework.  If you want to help your child in getting rid of this habit of homework avoidance, here are few do’s and Don’ts that will help.

  • Child has a great deal of homework
  • Different child have different homework habits
  • Make it their routine
  • Think about their study room
  • Encouragement

Child has a great deal of homework
You have to accept that your child has considerably much homework. In today’s constant demand on standards around the globe your child is perhaps being asked to do much. Today traditional skills like memorizing has taken a back seat that is why now children’s work needs deeper explanations, critical thinking and complex steps. A few subjects test children academically as well as emotionally. It depends on the level of maturity, patience and temperament of a child.
You need to find out if your child is frustrated or became tired and address these feelings rather than finishing their work. Ask your child to take 5-10minutes short breaks using timer. It will help your child clam down and in focusing again on their work.
Different child have different homework habits
Many parents try to impose their way of studying on their kids. It is important that you must understand that every child have different study habits.  It is not important that your kid will take over your study habits. You must have been one who didn’t go to play till you finish your work, or you must have needed pin drop silence for concentration on your studies.
Your child must need frequent break while studying or need music while doing homework, or need breathing exercises for concentrating and avoiding stress while studying. You must accept the fact that your child’s reading habit is different from yours. Make sure to keep this in mind and let them try what works for them better than what you want them to do.
Make it their routine
If you want that your kid won’t avoid their homework it is important that you must develop doing homework as their habit from earlier stage.  You have to develop it as their habit since their preschool days. Make a routine after come from school give them some snacks and after that ask them to finish whatever assignment they got from school. It will gradually become their habit and will help them in not avoiding their assignments.
Think about their study room
It is important that you must think about their study room. Just buying an expensive desk is not just enough. You must make them take of their desk as well as their room. Ask them to clean it up and arrange it properly. If they find their desk neat and arranged properly they will feel like doing some work there.
Everyone knows about the magic of encouraging words. You should try to use some specific words to encourage your kids. You must watch your kids carefully and encourage them even on a small thing. It will help them in motivating for achieve more and more. Try to make them know that you are watching every single effort they are making towards their studies instead of complaining all the time.
Above mentioned are the things you need to do for helping your kid’s not to avoid their school assignment. Now here are the things that you need to avoid for the sake of your child’s improvement.

  • Don’t be scared of the exceptional
  • Don’t Scream, yell or embarrass them
  • Don’t expect them to turn nerd overnight
  • Don’t do it yourself

Don’t be scared of the exceptional
There are kids who need to take small break, or switch to different subject, or walk around while learning. These are not unusual habits. Don’t be afraid that your child is not doing this properly or the way you use to do at that age. Just remember that every child have different study habits.
Don’t Scream, yell or embarrass them
For parents it is important that they must understand that screaming, yelling on kids won’t work. If you want to make your child study you have be friend with them. You have to understand why they are like this, or why they make excuses for not doing homework.
Don’t expect them to turn nerd overnight
Changes can’t be happening overnight. Same thing goes with study don’t expect that your child will turn into a nerd or scholar when you get up in morning. Let them take their time; just encourage them on every single step they take for solving this problem.
Don’t do it yourself
You want to make your effort to help your child. That’s a good thing. It will be better if you ask your partner or spouse to help you and your child. If all of you will make some effort and give some time then you will see that things are getting better and better with passing of each day.