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Mathematics has been a subject which has not been liked by many students because of different formulae. One can say that 60% of the students run away from studying Math, while there is the other 40% who really love Mathematics as a subject. We have seen that ‘Vector’ isone of the topics that are studied in Mathematics. Sometimes it can be really hard to finish theassignment which you receive and that’s why we are here to help you out. Our mathematical introduction and vectors homework help will lead you to acquire good grades in exams

Vectors: Defined

The Vector is said to be the object that has both:

  • Magnitude
  • Direction

It is said that two vectors are same. This happens when the magnitude and the direction are the same. Check the examples below to understand it in a better way:

  • Force (Magnitude would determine the strength)
  • Velocity (Magnitude would determine the speed)

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Vectors in Detail

Vectors are used to define the numbers – especially in geometry. This is where the calculation comes in. Vectors can be multiplied through:

  • The Dot Product
  • The Cross Product

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