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In order to analyze different problems in Economics, some mathematical methods are used to present the theories. This application of mathematical theories in Economics is called Mathematical Economics.

The applied methods denote to some integral calculus and differential which is beyond simple geometry. It also includes differential equation, matrix, computational methods, algebra and also mathematical problems. Are you finding it difficult to grasp the full knowledge of this subject matter? Instead of wasting time in worrying, you must check mathematical economics homework help from

Why is mathematics needed in learning Economics?

  • It helps an economist to develop a testable propositions, meaningful idea about the complex subjects
  • It helps to decipher the meaning of some theories of economics which would be difficult to understand normally
  • Mathematics helps an economist to form meaningful definition of some specific definition of some controversial topics.
  • Simple mathematical relationships are used to clarify different assumptions.
  • Many economic models are based on mathematical concepts

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The broader application of mathematics in economics includes the following:

  • Static: In this type of analysis, the economic model or the economic unit is modelled in such a way, as if it is not changing.
  • Optimization: In this type the problem is to meet the goal equilibrium in a business firm, household or to a policy maker
  • Comparative statics: It involves the change from certain equilibrium to another and is caused due to the change of some factors.
  • Dynamic: In this kind of analysis, economic growth is traced over a period of time.

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The formal modelling for Economics began during 19thbcentury by using various differential calculus. With the help of this economic behavior like utility maximization can be understood.

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