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Marriage and its purpose:

Marriage can be explained to be a legal and social contract between spouses that establishes a connection between them, their children, their in-laws and their families. This particular ritual has an authentic purpose to unite two families as well as two different persons. Marriage has different types of meaning which you can find in the Marriage Assignment Help that acknowledges sexual relationship between two people without any social restriction. In many cultures, it is a mandatory ritual before pursuing any sexual activity.

The general rules of Marriage Law:

Any individual can choose their partner depending on the legal, social, emotional, financial or religious purposes. There are some restrictions that are maintained before marriage like that of incest, polygamy, child marriage, forced marriage etc. Individual demands or parental choices can be recognized before choosing a marriage partner.

With the advanced society progressing towards perfection, same sex marriage, same rights for women after marriage are some of the results of marriage law. Let us now consider some of the rules that are found in Marriage Assignment Help on the Marriage law:

  • Any legal marriage has to be recognized by the state, religious authorities, community, tribal groups and also between families.
  • There are instances of civil marriages where the government holds the entire jurisdiction to play as an institution to promote marriage.
  • Over the twentieth century, the legal bans on the interracial marriages, interfaith marriages and also same sex marriages are lifted.
  • Marriage law provides solution to gain freedom from an unhealthy marriage by divorce or annulment.
  • Marriage Homework Help informs you that by the end of twentieth century the women rights are interlinked and prepared to coexist where the women are not recognized as the property of the husband anymore and they are free to own their property and have equal share on their husband’s property.
  • The anthropological handbook Notes and Queries defined marriage to be a union between a man and a woman where if a child is born from the union he/she will receive legitimate identity from the parents.

The list of marriage rights:

Edmund Leach, a famous critic presented a list of rights which is associated with marriage. They are as follows:

  • Marriage Assignment Help notifies the right as to establish a legal father of a woman’s child and also vis-à-vis.
  • It is to give the husband a monopoly in the wife’s sexuality and also vis-à-vis.
  • To encourage a monopoly to enjoy the domestic and other labor services between the couple.
  • To establish an authority to have total control over property belonging to the each partners.
  • To establish a partnership and a joint fund property.
  • To establish a social relationship.

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