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What are marketing channels?

The ways through which goods and services are made available to the customers are known as marketing channels. All the goods go through distribution channels, and the way goods are distributed is dependent on marketing. The route taken by a product from production to the customer is crucial since a marketer has to decide which channel or route is the best.

Assignments on marketing and marketing channels don’t just involve the basic definition of the concept. Our experts understand that, which is why when they provide marketing channels homework help, they discuss the concept in details. Even the different types of marketing channels are pointed out for clearer understanding.

Manufacturer to customer

This type of marketing channel involves the manufacturer making the goods and selling them directly to the consumer. No intermediaries like agent, retailer or wholesaler are involved. As an example, a farmer can sell some of his produce directly to customers, or a bakery may sell pies and cakes directly to customers.

Manufacturer to retailer to consumer

In this marketing channel, the retailer makes the purchases and then sells the merchandise to the consumer. Manufacturers specializing in shopping goods utilize this channel because they prefer this distribution method. Manufacturers of clothes, furniture, shoes, etc. use this marketing channel.

Manufacturer to wholesaler to customer

This is another marketing channel discussed in our marketing channels homework help. Customers buys from the wholesale, who breaks down bulk packages to sell to consumers. The cost to the consumer is reduced by the wholesaler, including sales force cost or service cost. This makes it cheaper for the consumer.

Manufacturer to agent to wholesaler to retailer to consumer

Distribution involving more than a single intermediary usually involves an agent who serves as the middleman and assists with the sale. Agents receive a commission from producers. They are very useful when goods have to move into the market soon after placement of the order. For example, an agent might distribute good produced by a manufacturer to different wholesalers. The wholesales then sell to the retailers, who finally sell the product to consumers. The whole process is very time consumer; agents help in speeding things up.

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