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Market impact is the effect which a market participant faces when it buys or sells an asset. It is similar to market liquidity. Market liquidity means market’s ability to purchase or sell an asset without changing its price greatly. Money or cash is the most liquid value. Money market is considered before taking any decisions to move money from one financial to another financial market. Money market may arise because the price moves to tempt the investors to buy or sell other assets. The financial institution limits the pace of its activity to avoid the drastic change of price.

Market Impact Cost:

Market Impact Cost is a measure of the liquidity of Exchange-traded fund. An ETF is an investment fund which trades on stock exchanges. ETFs were the most popular type of exchange-traded product in 2013. A lower market impact implies that the ETF is more liquid. Market impact cost is typically used by large financial institutes to determine the ability of a security purchase. They are a type of transaction costs.

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