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Economics is divided into two branches micro and macro economics. Market demand falls under the micro economics division. Students struggle to get the clear picture, so homework or assignments on topics like this become a constant struggle.

Market demand homework help provides accurate data with real life information on the topic to assist students and delivers to them solutions for their problem. We will go through this topic and make it as simple as we can for you to understand it properly.

What is Market Demand?

To understand market demand first one should be able to understand demand. Demand is the quantity of goods or services which businesses and consumers can buy or are willing to buy at a given amount within a specified time period. Market demand is a sum of all individual demand from buyers for a particular product in the market.

Difference between Individual and Market Demand

Certain differences are obvious which can be understood from the names. To clearly point out the difference between these two we will jot down a few points below in brief, so it becomes crystal clear to you.  To know about the differences in detail, you can check our market demand homework help.

Individual Demand

In this, the demand is shown for an individual or a firm. It shows quantity of goods which one consumer is willing to buy at a given price point within a specified time period. While this term is vague, it represents point of view of one household, one family or just a single person.

Market Demand

This provides sum total of quantity demanded by consumers on the whole. Basically, market demand is of two types primary and selective. In the primary category, total demand for a particular service or product for all brands like phones, laptops, etc. are shown. In the selective category, total demand for a product or service from a particular brand is shown like iPhone, Michael Kors watches, etc. Market demand homework help assists students in exploring more about this.

Influencing Factors

Several factors influence both individual and market demand. If it is individual demand, then it gets influenced by sex, age, habits, income, expectations and competing products prices in market place. If it is market demand, then the factors are same, but it is on broader scale- habits, taste, communities’ expectations. Certain other factors which also influence this is growth of a community, innovative level, number of total buyers in market, etc. To know about influencing factors more check our market demand assignment help.

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