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What are Market Based Ratios?
For a stock analyst to understand how a company is valued by other investors, he or she has to look at the market based ratios. The one common factor between all these measures is that, they are evaluating the balance between the current market price of a common stock share and the assets of the company or an indicator of the ability of the company to generate profit.
Some of the Market Based Ratios are:

  • Stock Prices and Market value:

They provide an insight into the premiums the investors would be ready to pay.

  • Price to Earnings ratio:

Stocks which are expected to grow earnings have a high P/E ratio and stocks with a lower growth will have a low P/E ratio. The company with the higher P/E ratio is said to be valued more by the market.

  • PEG ratio:

As we just mentioned, when a company has high P/E ratio, it is because of a higher growth of earnings. The PEG, or price to earnings growth ratio enables the analyst to judge the values more accurately.

  • Dividend Yield:

While some investors look for a regular income from a stock, other investors wish to secure capital gains. With the help of the dividend yield, the analysts can quickly conduct a comparison between the plus points of these alternative investment opportunities.

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