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Mark to market is a valuation of assets and liabilities of financial institutions by current market price. It can change values on the balance sheet according to changes of the market conditions. It can change rapidly ifmarket prices fluctuate unexpectedly. Mark to market provides a realistic report of a company or institution’s current market situation. Problem arises when market price doesn’t accurately reflect the values of assets and liabilities.


Mark to market is a practice which was developed among the traders on futures exchanges during the 20th century. It spread to the corporations and banks in 1980s and it started to rise scandals in 1990s. As time spent the practice became more refined. Now it values more complex financial assets.

Levels of Evaluation:

Mark to market is divided into 3 different levels of evaluation.

  1. Level 1: In this level, quoted prices in active markets for identical assets set the value.
  2. Level 2: In 2nd level, quoted prizes for similar assets set the value. The markets are not active.
  3. Level 3: In 3rd level, no trading happens in outside markets. Valuation is based on unobservable inputs that are supported by little or no market value. So, it is shown as the weakest evidence of fair value. You will get an in-depth knowledge of the topic if you take mark to market homework help service from us.

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