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Manufacturing companies buy materials and elements and transform those into different finished products while Merchandising companies buy and then exchange tangible goods without transforming their primary form. Service-Sector companies supply services of intangible products like audits and legal advice to their buyer.

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Manufacturing Companies

The aim of a manufacturing organisation is to create a finished product from raw materials purchased by the manufacturer. Finished goods from these companies can be sold to various markets for the purpose of consumption or to other manufacturing companies in order for them to use it as a raw material for a whole new product.

For example from iron scraps, iron ingot is made. Then many manufacturing companies buy these finished iron ingot products and produce various other finished iron products.

A manufacturing factory manufactures a product but moving it from one work station to another when the previous department’s work is done. This process is often referred to as assembly line. This process helps in manufacturing raw materials to finished goods in a faster way and with much less labour.

This manufacturing process can also be known as a fabrication. Our manufacturing, merchandising and service-sector companies assignment help explains this in much more detail for a better understanding.

Merchandising Companies

An organisation which buys products with the purpose of selling them are known as a merchandising company. These companies resell the products generally at a higher price than the products were purchased. Basically, two types of merchandising companies exist, retail and wholesale company. Manufacturing, merchandising and service-sector companies homework help experts explain this vividly when covering this topic.

Retail businesses are those companies which sell goods to customers directly and wholesale businesses are those which buy products in bulk from manufacturing companies and then sells them to other wholesalers or retailers.

Service-Sector Companies

Service sector organisations produce abstract or intangible goods. It produces services not goods exactly. This sector comprises of different types of service industries like transportation services, warehousing. Investment, information, commodities, technical, professional, social and health care, waste management, entertainment, etc. All falls under the service sector organisations.

Examples of jobs offered by service sector organisations include nursing, housekeeping, teaching, etc. To know about this ask our manufacturing, merchandising and service-sector companies assignment help experts. Best writing services in the country

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