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When a company changes from state to another that is called organizational change. Managing this change is basically the management of the organizational change. Managing organizational changes require planning and implementation of those plans in a way that the resistance from employee is at minimum, issues for employees are at the least as well as the cost is less. You need to know this basic information as Managing Organization Change assignment answers.

Why Organization change is needed?

Business development always must undergo changes, especially in the era of globalization with the rapid changes that occur almost every day. To keep up with the changes organizations need to go for changes. If the changes are efficient, then would be an efficient change.

The change could be minor or may be major but it must be effective. There are instances where changes could not be made because of resistance from employees, even though it was harmful for the company. That is where the efficiency lies.

Now let’s discuss the area of organizational changes that is very important for your Managing Organization Change homework answers.

The primary change that can take place is technological change. Technological upgradation or change is very much required for an organization to keep going with the outer world pace.

The next change could be operational change or change in the management.  This kind of change is also necessary from time to time. Although the change could be beneficial as well as fatal for the company. But hierarchical change is one of the most common change that takes place in the company.

How to effectively implement the changes?

This is the most important part that you need to know as your Managing Organization Change assignment answers.

The techniques are:

  1. The current state of the organization of the management needs to be clear. Otherwise the issues that the company will never be clear.
  2. The implementation plan needs to very simple and future growth prospects should be clear while using those plans and hence must be a stable plan.
  3. The implementation also should be in an order, so that it is effectively implemented.

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