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There are certain situations when a company leads into a pothole, and the stakeholders run a risk of losing a lot of money. There arises an instance when the stakeholders might end up losing their investments at one go. There could be for several reasons that might be the cause of a sudden downfall in the market and might lead to a desperate situation for both the company and the stakeholders.

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Impact of financial risks on different quarters of a market

The most common issues that have the potential of creating a financial havoc are insolvency of the company leading to bankruptcy, complications in liquidating assets, a sudden decrease in demand for the product or the services that have been invested on, etc. Hence, the reason for a total disruption in the market and consequently in a functional company could be an after-effect of so many different events.

These crisis periods leads to a company losing its stakes, the bondholders losing their years of savings and investment, pay-cuts for existing employees, and unemployment due to decreased demand for new recruits.

What does it take to be a crisis manager?

Since a market always runs a risk of certain incidents of impromptu crashes, every organization adapts their own set of management protocols. The functions of financial crisis management, in a particular company, are performed by specific experts and analysts. They are hired solely in accordance to their aptitude for quick crisis handlings methods and presence of mind.

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