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Long in finance means a certain position in a security, like a bond or a stock. Similarly, the holder of the position of that stock for a long period means that he will profit when the security price will go up. For investing, the term going long is conventionally used along with the term going short.

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What is a short position?

A short position actually means that the holder of a particular position will be able to earn profit when the cost of the derivatives and futures contract will go down.

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What are the different ways of raising long in finance?

  • Any company can easily raise its long term finance by various ways like equity, debentures, commercial papers, preference shares.
  • Banks can raise their long finance through commercial deposits.
  • Anyone interested can use international markets to get their finance done for long term.
  • Among the many types of bonds or debentures are the fixed interest bonds, Zero interest bonds, floating bonds.
  • Anybody can go to the extent of using both GDR and ADR issue.
  • These types of bonds ae mostly traded in secondary markets while issued from the primary markets throughout the world.

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What are the different problems areas which a finance manager needs to know about?

  • The employees won’t be allowed to get payrolls and other disbursements for their own purposes.
  • An employee must follow the guidelines as written in the handbook of different operating procedures regarding their reimbursement of their entertainment
  • An employee must sign his name while signing any document as the head of the approving authority
  • All the cash and checks received must be deposited according to the cash handling policy
  • All financial systems as built up by the department must indicate that both expenses and income reconcile together.
  • This will be the official record of all the transactions made financially.
  • The employees are not allowed to accept any kind of gift or cash or other benefits from other vendors of different organizations.

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