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Understanding Liquidation

In the simplest terms the process through which a company shuts down or winds up is called liquidation. This is the last resort and the final step that authority can take. When no amount of retrenchment can fix the situation this process occurs. In the recession many companies were met with this fate.

Now such a process can be broken down into four broad categories. Each category has different procedures and steps. They are elaborated in further detail by experts offering Liquidation Assignment Help online. The procedures are as follows:

  1. Voluntary – Here shareholders or board of directors take the decision. Court proceedings are common in this process to either appoint a liquidator or oversee the process.
  2. Compulsory – This step is taken directly by the courts. Here courts have the final say whether to issue the order or not.
  3. Solvent – In such situations the liquidation process is overseen by shareholders.
  4. Insolvent – Courts are again called upon as the company lacks the economic strength to implement voluntary liquidation.

Implications Liquidation

After liquidation has occurred there are many pivotal changes which the institution must undergo. The company loses all decision making powers, affairs may continue to run or a short span but eventually the company is shut down. Property is sold off and employees are provided with a notice for suspension from their jobs.

The board of directors loses their significance and decision making abilities. If contracts of employees are breached in any way then they are liable to get remuneration from the firm which has shut down. Expert guides offering Liquidation Assignment Help further analyze these concepts and assist you to submit top-notch work.

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