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There are various operating systems among which Linux is used by many people. Knowing about it and writing homework on it is different. Even if students are good at using this operating system it is not at all usual they will be good at writing assignments on it. Each learner searches for help when faced with an assignment. At times like this, our Linux homework answers solve their issues.

What is Linux?

It is an operating system. It is open source software which is built around Linux kernel. It is used for both server use and desktop. This software was developed primarily for computers based on Intel x86 architecture. But with time it went on to serve various platforms. For example, smartphones which have Android OS is based on Linux kernel.

Professionals who have experience can help students understand any assignment given to them. It is not possible for a learner to know everything about it. So a fresh perspective from an expert will open new doors which will aid one in getting good grades on assignments.

Advantages of Using Linux Operating System(OS)

There are various advantages of using this operating system. All benefits are given in detail in our Linux homework answers only some are mentioned below:

It is an open source technology. Many programmers have added software which makes it open source entirely for users. It mainly means an individual can download source code and change it however he or she wants. Some developers allow one to change code but not sell it for money. These developers distribute code but put restrictions on it.

A range of options is one of the best advantages of using it. Linux being open source indicates that various options are available and the security is good. It is available to end user as it is open source. Distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and Mint are just some names which are available for an individual. No amount is charged when these are downloaded.

Several hackers who are white hats have contributed to its security. Since the source is available to everyone, experts can identify any security flaw in the OS. Due to this, any issue which can be a significant threat to the public is always caught before anything drastic happens. More benefits are available on our Linux assignment answers.

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