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About linear cost functions

The concept of linear cost function is used to depict the costing with the help of a linear function of a different number of items. The equation which is used to help figure out the quantity is:

C= mx + b;

The variables as represented under linear cost functions homework help stand for the following, C is the cost in full or total, x is the number of items which fall under the linear cost function, m is the value of marginal costing, and finally, the variable b denotes the fixed cost.

Measurement of the units under linear cost function

The variable x in the equation of linear cost functions represented the total items which are to be measured. Similarly, the C or the total cost is to be denoted in terms of currency. These different measurements are the primary source of confusion for most students.

To add to the measurement units, one must be observant to note that the fixed cost which is represented by the variable b is measured using the units of C which are in a currency not in items. Finally, the marginal cost denoted by m is not measured in units of items but in units of C per unit of x.

Each measurement unit is crucial for calculations. Getting the variables or units mixed up could cost the pupil their grade. If there is any confusion regarding the measurements expert help offered by linear cost functions assignment help could always be opted for.

Concepts under linear cost functions

Linear revenue is a major concept applied under linear cost functions. The basic revenue obtained as a consequence of transactions in business is known as gross proceeds. R(x) is the revenue from selling x items at the price of m which is marginal revenue. Then the R will be the linear function of R(x) = mx.

Again the profit is calculated from the remains of the revenue when costs are deducted. The formula P = R – C is used to find the profits in linear functions of cost. Here P is profits, R is revenue and C is cost. In case of any difficult reach out to our experts for linear cost functions assignment help.

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