Limitations of Linear Programming Problems with Simplex Method

  1. As linear programming problems are very complicated to understand, a person utilising it should have experience in this field. This is because the person using this technique has to adopt and follow numerous steps to arrive at the required solution. The person has to follow the entire procedure in asystematic manner.
  2. As the simplex method of linear programming problemsis used for finding the result of problems which has more than 2 variables, the entire process is lengthy and complex. To get the final output, one may require the need to utilise computational help of minimum 4 to 5 simplex tables. An easy way to obtain the solution is to use computers.
  3. It can give various solutions whose results can be impractical or meaningless. You can be asked to enter the value of machinery or manpower in fractions to get the answer.
  4. The entire approach to acquiring a solution is dependent on the variables which increase or decreases in a problem, in a linear manner. This speculation does not sit fit in case of every commodity. There are certain cases where the objective functions take the form of quadratic equation.
  5. This method comprises of manyconceptual, technical aspects which need thorough understanding. Only an expert in this field can comprehend its techniques. It cannot be understood or utilised by a manager of any organisation.
  6. A simple and short method to find a solution is the use of graphic solution methodology which has many applications associated with it. In here too is the limitation in the form of more than 2 variables in an objective function.
  7. Linear programming problemsdo provide with an ideal solution, but it is not unique. What it can provide users is with anunbounded solution, feasible solution, degenerate solution and infeasible solution.
  8. There are various assumptions which linear programming problem models make in the values of constraint variables and objective function. The constraint variables can be something like rate of profit. There are chances that these assumptions are incorrect.

As linear programming problem method is used for handling areduction in cost and to increase profit margin, it cannot be used where the requirement is of a number of objectives.

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