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What is the concept ofLimitation of Final Accounts?
Financial Accounting, the only branch of Accounting possesses numbers of limitations for which it demands alternative tools. Thus, Final Accounts or Financial Statements are not perfect. Students of Accounting have to go through all these stuffs and hence, the factor gets complicated to a great extent. While doing homework or finishing anassignment they feel theneed of guidance. We are here to proffer the Limitation of Final Accounts Homework Help by reducing the amount of hassles that every pupil is forced to witness.

Stages of Preparing Final Accounts:
There are three respective steps or stages to prepare a Final Account and they include:

1. Business Account.
2. Account about profit and loss.
3. Balance sheet.

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What are the limitations?
Several limitations are there for which the financial statements are regardedas imperfect ones and some of them are as follows:
1. Incomplete detail of cost and cost control methods.
2. Lack of standard in the financial statements.
3. No information about the human resource part.
4. Ignorance of expenses and price changing level.
5. When it is related to pre-determined factors.
6. Losses are not disclosed to a great extent.
7. When there are lack of data that can be compared to other traders.

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