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The subject of Lease Evaluation is a cause for nightmare among students for many years now. It is seen that even though students understand other aspects of this vast and complicated subject, but still they face most problems with this particular topic of Lease Evaluation. As a result, applying the advantage of Lease and Leasing is a burden for these students in the real world. This is where, we at comes in and help out students not only by clearing the basic concept but also by doing their homework and assignment on this very topic. We even have a team of expert whose job is to provide all the necessary help to students like you. This team is known as Lease Evaluation Homework Help.

About Lease Evaluation
Before giving you a brief idea about the concept of lease evaluation, let us first discuss about Lease. Lease can be explained as type of arrangement, a contractual arrangement to be exact. By this arrangement, a user known as lessee will pay the owner of an asset a sum of amount for using the asset in question. In such a case, the owner of the asset is called a lessor. In case of Lease Evaluation, there are basically two ways and they are:

1. Based on the lessee’s point of view
2. Based on the lessor’s point of view

Steps which are involved with the lessee’s pint of view are first calculating the net cash flow’s present value in case of buying option represented by NPV(B), calculation of net cash flow’s in case of leasing option represented NPV(L) and lastly the decision to either buy or lease or complete reject the offer given. On the other hand, in case of the lessor’s point of view, there are two methods and they are present value method and internal rate of return method.

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