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Learning influences the behaviour of the consumer to a great extent. Learning means that there are changes involved in a person’s behaviour due to experience gained. Most time a human’s behaviour changes after learning something out of some experience. This learning also affects the consumer behaviour or buying pattern of an individual.  Our myhomeworkhelp.com learning homework help team discusses the effects and explains in detail how learning involves in taking decisions when it comes to purchasing products.

Consumer learning elements

There are many consumer learning elements. These come into play when a consumer is going through a learning process. These include motivation, cues, response and reinforcement. All these are jotted down which will give a student a proper idea about learning’s influence on customer’s behavior.

Motivation- driving force

It is considered to be a driving force behind everything that is essential for learning. A motive is what allows an individual’s growing readiness for responding towards learning. Not only has this but it also activated energy. Massive involvement provides motivation for searching a product’s information. For example, advertising for summer clothes before the summer season or showing advertisements for winter wear just before winter season.

Cues giving direction

Cues are very similar to motives with particular distinction. It is not strong like motives but influences in a way that a customer responds to motives. Motives main part is to encourage learning while cues give direction to said motives. Learning assignment help discusses this in detail.

For example, in the market, a commodity’s packaging, styling, display, prices, etc. all work as cues which helps a customer to decide about a particular commodity, but this is only possible if an individual has motive for buying that product. This is the reason why marketers are careful while giving cues, mainly to those people whose expectations are driven by their motives.

Response- learning takes effect

This signifies the way a person reacts to cues or motives. Their response is hidden or shown as both can be done, but in both cases learning takes effect. Many times markets fail to stimulate a purchase, in such situations learning is what takes place within a given period. This way they can successfully form a good image of their products or brand in a person’s mind.

Reinforcement another significant role

This also plays an important role by increasing probability of any kind of response in future which is driven by cues and motives. To know more order our learning assignment help from our website.

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