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Definition of operations strategy formulation

The management of every company built up strategies for its different departments in order to efficiently carry out their respective functions and these strategies are called operation strategies. They have immense importance in the functioning of any company. However, there are different ways for formulating these strategies and these methods are called operation strategy formulation. Lean Operation is one of such methods.

What is Lean Operation?

Lean Operation is widely used method of formulating operation strategies. This operation has mainly two purposes. One of them is to provide maximum satisfaction to customers, while other is to maintain its profitability. According to Lean Operation, whatever an organisation do, should add value to its customers, or else, it is a waste. Every organisation should ask one question that, if a customer does not want it why should they do it? Thus, whenever they look at any process, first question to be asked is why, otherwise that organisation might waste a lot of time improving certain services which customers are not even asking for.

If Lean Operation is followed certain benefits can be derived, like, reduction of cost by reducing inventory levels, reduced lead time, improving quality of products and services, productivity can be increased easily, reduction in the amount wasted. Further, applications of these operations have been discussed by our team of lean operations assignment help in our website.

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