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Leadership is a skill that enables a person or an organization to lead other individuals or the entire organization into one direction. There are various kinds of approaches, viewpoints of this leadership skill. There are eastern and western approaches, as well as academic and con-academic approaches. Leadership is a combination various factors, traits, values, vision and ideology and power that sums up to the skill, although varies by situation.

Qualities for being a leader

Now let’s discuss the qualities of a leader, important for Leadership assignment answers.


This is most important quality in a leader. The first thing that a leader needs is assertiveness or confidence, otherwise communication to other people could be difficult.


A person without dominance cannot be a leader; otherwise keeping control of a situation could be an issue. But the dominance should not be to such an extent that it becomes pain for other people.


The person must be intelligent enough to take decisions and by himself/ herself. Should be independent in nature and smart enough to take decisions at the right time and place.

Emotional Quotient:

The person should have balance in the emotion part. He or she should be sensitive enough to understand individual situations, neither he should be too rude to ignore other people or their emotions.


Another most important character of a leader is motivation. A leader should always be self-motivated and be able to motivate other people as well.

Stress management:

A leader should have the ability to manage stress and not only personal but stress for other people as well.

The next topic we will discuss is the style of leadership style. You must need to know that as Leadership homework answers.

The style differs by place to place and person to person. It could be of different kinds:

1.      Autocratic:

In this type of leadership, the decision-making power is centralized for the leader, generally he/she is the leader. In this case, the leader not necessarily need to listen anything from his subordinates or any other people in the group.

2.      Democratic: 

In this type the decision taken by the leader is never an individual decision. It depends on everybody’s rights and opinion. This is a kind of shared leadership.

3.      Free-rein:

In this case, the decisions do not depend on leaders but only on the subordinates.

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