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What is labour control?

Labour cost is the amount of money and resources it costs you or your business to get a particular job done. For instance, to construct a new building you will need to hire a certain number of people that you will pay depending upon the quality and nature of the services they provide, as wellas the duration for which they are in your employment. Labour control assignment help will clear all your doubts and show you exactly how to deal with these situations.

Importance of labour cost control

It is important that the labour control homework help that you find here, gives you a clear understanding of the importance of controlling labour costs. Labour control is important as it serves the following purposes:

  • Optimizes labour and resources
  • Utilizes and allocates funds judiciously
  • Controls output in terms of quality and time management
  • Maintains a stable work environment
  • Ensures wage stability and comfort of the workers

Types of labour cost

With our labour control homework help, you will learn that there are two types of labour costs:

  1. Direct labour costs:

This refers to the amount of money and resources spent on labour that is directly allocated to production or the production unit. Labour of this kind is involved in the main process of producing a product. Labour here is directly engaged in controlling the way a product or job is undertaken from start to finish. The composition, form and manufacturing of a product are all handled by people employed for this kind of labour.

Your labour control assignment help will give you the following reasons to explain the importance of direct costs:

  • Direct labour is easy to find and allocate.
  • It is involved directly in the manufacturing or production of a product or the execution of a service.
  • Direct labour is easy to control. It is directly proportional to the volume of production. Production increases with an increase in manpower.
  1. Indirect labour costs

Our labour control homework help will show you that more than one manufacturing processes affect the production of a product. There are many elements involved, and departments assist and work together through the entire manufacturing process. Workers that aren’t involved in the direct production process are utilized in other departments to handle influx of resources, accounts, maintenance, etc, all of which fall under indirect labour costs. They are also a major part of overhead costs.

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