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Enhance Your Knowledge on Physics Lab Report and Air Track Experiment

Motion, force, displacement, speed, velocity, gravity, all these sounds so technical but we imply them every day in our lives. Tests and research are performedon these for gettinga clearer concept, understanding of itseffects and usesin real life.Data of these experiments are stored and presented in the form of Lab Reports.Later on,these data provides us with a vivid idea of understanding the concepts and working of physics.Learn more about this with our Lab report and Air Track assignment help service.

How to write Lab Reports?

The basic structure of Lab reportsis divided intosubheadings which help in constructing the format of data writing, how experimentsare performed and analysis or conclusion is drawn.

  • Title or Topic of experiment
  • Introduction, purpose or objective and theory
  • Equipment or apparatus
  • Procedure
  • Raw data, graphs and calculations
  • Analysis and results
  • Conclusion

These subheadingsare changed according to the experiment or assignment’s requirement. It can also be presented in chart forms at times. If you need further explanation on how to write information under these subheads, then opt for Lab report and Air Track homework help.

What is Air Track?

Air track is an apparatus used for performing physics experiments. It is a long, hollow aluminum structure, with a lot of tiny holes on its surface. Air is blown out from those holes, which creates almost zero friction during movement of gliders on it.

Circumstances under which Air Track experiments needs to be performed:

  • The surface needs to be clean, smooth and dry
  • Dirt, scratches and bumps needs to be avoided for a zero error result
  • The leveling screw needs proper adjusting at the end of the air track
  • The glider should never be placed on the air track while the blower is turned off

You can know more about its working with Lab report and Air Track homework help.

Some important experiments performed with Air Track

As air track provides almost friction free surface it can be used for performing the following experiment:

  • K-3 air track experiments

Purpose: To study accelerated motion of a glider.

  • Kinematics

Purpose: To produce position, velocity, acceleration graph of your movement and also the glider on the air track by using motion sensors.

  • Newton’s second law

Purpose:To test how the lawworks (Acceleration is producedwhen a force acts on mass.The greater the mass of an object, greater the amount of force needed to accelerate the object).

  • Conservation of energy

Purpose: To show a continuous exchange of mechanical energy to kinetic and potential energy

  • Elastic and inelastic collision

Purpose: To study momentum and energy conservation in elastic and inelastic collision

The above mention experiments are few among the many that can be done. For further assistance take our Lab Report and Air Track assignment help.

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